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How to Find Your Calling

There are 4 test work by vocation (work that you really like):

  1. Time flies.Decided to finish the case for 5 minutes – done, we got up from his chair and realized that took 3:00.
  2. You do not understand and blamed for your occupation. What do you do? Why did you come so late? Maybe you’ll find a normal job? It is not serious!
  3. By making increased amounts of energy. You just work and you feel good. If the results you are striving for, and then the motivation rises hundreds of times. And if you are thus also earn seriously, you even lost to society.
  4. You seek advice. Asking for help, asking questions, “sit on the ears” and persistently talk about problems, ask what you can advise.

My dentist told me that the theater once met his client, who greeted and immediately after the greeting opened his mouth and asked to see what was out there with the five above.

Find your calling in life and follow it – is the way to happiness and prosperous life at the same time.

But is it easy to find it?

What prevents to find a vocation

Asking people the question: “What would you do if the financial issues were resolved” you can get a lot of interesting and innovative responses. Very rarely these answers coincide with the ongoing work.

What usually answer the question: “Why not take the fact that you like?”

  • I have no experience.
  • Positions in the city a little.
  • In this no money.
  • In our country, no one needs.
  • To do this, you need to get a second degree.
  • If I fail? If I fail ??
  • I can not, I have to feed a family.

Fears and insecuritieslead to the fact that people can not find his calling and favorite work. They work for the hated work (out of habit) and do not want to try anything new. And if you do not try not to start anything new, it is impossible to change their lives.

There is another problem in the calling search – compare yourself with others. In 99% of cases, want what the neighbor or what they say in the fashion magazines – it means giving up your real life.

People who have found their calling, do not compare yourself with others.

One young artist came to the US to engage in creative and paint. At this time he was talking with a friend for a long time living in America. They had approximately the following dialog.- What do you do – I’m doing my job. I write kartiny.- How much are you selling his paintings – $ 50 per shtuku.- How much ??? Maybe you you want to do something normal? We in America have a lot of good raboty.- No, no, I’m doing my job.

Exactly 5 years held a similar dialogue.

– What are you doing – I’m doing my job. I write kartiny.- How much are you selling his paintings – 50,000 dollars per shtuku.- !!!

This example shows one more important thing – about the consistency in achieving their goals. If you decide to try something or learn any skill, take yourself plenty of time to the first failure did not stop you.

Next on ways to find yourself and your business.

follow your intuition

What it is a matter of life

There is one simple, but at the same time complicated idea – it all your life on the surface. To find a calling in life only need to take a close look at yourself. What you are doing is easy, fast and fun – that’s what you do every day.

How to find your calling and business life?

In fact, the technique is very simple – you need to look at all three areas of your personality, and find the deal that will satisfy all sides of your Ya

You will need – paper, pen, free time, disconnected phone, skype and all sots.seti.


What is the character trait? This is something that you enjoy doing and what you are already doing. It does not have to have a good turn out.

For example, you have a loud voice. Surrounding often ask you to speak more quietly, and other people admire. This is your character trait (feature of your personality).

Or you are very emotional. Once it is in your favor, when on the contrary. But you are, and it’s your personality trait.

The task

Locate and write down more than 30 of his character traits.

  • What do you like to do? How to manifest itself? What are you?
  • That others see in you? You can ask your friends and acquaintances describe you 7 adjectives. This will help you know look at you from the side.
life is calling

Interests, skills and abilities

This is something that you know and love to do. Drive, meet visitors, skillfully setting the table, arrange the windows, good to ride a bicycle, you have calligraphy, you are an accountant, get along with technology or vice versa you love animals and so on.

It also includes interesting activities and your desires. Do you enjoy rafting kayaking, you want to learn how to drive a motorcycle, want to start drawing, you want to train people to start making the sites or something else.

The task

Write down more than 30 of their skills, abilities and interests.

  • What do you know how? The like to do?
  • The interested? What do you want to learn?
  • Did they love to do as a child?
  • What do you ask advice? I appreciate that surrounds you?

How to find a vocation

First you need to say one important thing:

Do not confuse vocation c profession. Accountant, salesman, pastry or a programmer – it’s not a vocation and a profession through which you implement your calling.

To find your calling, you need to pay attention to a few things.

1. You do not like something in this world, and you want to fix it. You constantly notice some imperfections.

What are the flaws in this world you notice?

2. Do you enjoy doing what you do. You like, even if the result of work of no use to anyone. In other words, you can not do it.

What is it for you?

3. You are doing it for themselves and for others.

Your case has been referred to other people. You want to help them, you want to make a better world for them.

What do you want to give to people? What do you do for them? How do you want to change the world?

The task

Deployed and answer detailed questions.

  • What are the flaws and imperfections you notice in this world?
  • What you already do and can not do?
  • What do you want to give to people? That you will be pleased to do for the people?
  • How do you want to change the world? What would you like to improve?

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