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Recruiting: Professional Tips

The chase of companies for qualified employees has created an increased demand for recruitment specialists. Nowadays, the selection of personnel has become a self-sufficient profession, but until now there is not a single educational institution graduating specialists with the qualification of “recruiter”. Good or bad, it’s not for us to judge. We live and work with this, since without the participation of a recruiter it is difficult to imagine the interaction of the applicant and the company.


Alas, oh, but in our country the bulk of recruiting specialists are young and talented creatures, as well as yesterday’s graduates from universities with a humanitarian orientation and a small amount of practical knowledge. The main motive for their arrival in pick-up specialists is a thirst for new knowledge, an interesting job and an irrepressible desire to communicate with people. From the side, the work of the recruiter looks very attractive and creative (which partly corresponds to the truth) and it is the lust of the “tasty and bright wrapper” that attracts the vast majority of new recruiting adherents.


The flip side of the coin is that a professional recruiter constantly “sells”, and in both directions, the company to the candidate, and the candidate to the customer (external or internal). Maneuvering between two banks is much more difficult than it seems: you need to own a profession, you need to feel the nuances and understatement, you need to predict decisions. All this is called – the ability to understand people. Not all recruiters are ready for this, especially given the small life and practical experience.

Thrifty managers, entrusting the selection of personnel in the hands of a novice recruiter, slightly reduce the payroll and thereby jeopardize the entire business. Increasingly, the efforts of book recruiters to find qualified specialists are reminiscent of the “sieve the water is carried out” process. But the labor market is such that a recruiter must be a “net” capable of catching a “goldfish” and not to miss it under any circumstances.


The harsh reality of the business is such that it is extremely problematic to separate the “grain from the chaff” without understanding the difference between the first and second. How many people did not get a job and how many companies were left without qualified specialists thanks to the glorious undertakings of young recruiters ?! Hundreds … thousands … tens of thousands? How to measure the temporary, emotional and financial losses from the incompetence and categorization of novice recruiters who think of themselves as an “entry barrier” to the company?

In order not to grumble in vain, I want to be smart about good. After all, I myself was once a beginner, promising, incompetent, ambitious, stubborn, persistent and trying all sorts of crap wherever getting creative, showing creativity in any undertakings.



“We choose, we are chosen, as it often does not coincide …”. People choose an employer, try to be persuasive so that they choose your company. All who came to the interview will “carry the information” to the masses. Remember the “goodies” of a positive HR brand.


Begin the interview with a short story about the company and the vacancy available. Give your interlocutor the opportunity to adapt to an unfamiliar environment and feel at ease.


A person receives more than 80% of the information not from the words you have spoken, but from your behavior, manner of holding, intonations, facial expressions, gestures and other non-verbal ones. If you believe, then clearly demonstrate your faith, without even saying a word. People feel this and more likely to believe it themselves.


Do not torture people or interrogate them, even if you are tempted to get an answer to your question. Build a conversation so that the person himself wants to tell you what interests you.


All my experience shows that not all people can read minds. If you want to learn something about a person, ask.


When choosing a category manager, take the trouble to find out what an “assortment matrix” is. Google to help you.

 Get rid of prejudice.

If the Prince of Monaco is in front of you, then he does not have to be in the crown. His Highness may have a day off today. Do not judge people by their appearance.


 If you doubt the competencies of the applicant, give him the opportunity to show them. Especially strippers =).


If a candidate with two humanitarian educations is tongue-tied and makes dozens of mistakes in the questionnaire, don’t count it as work – check his education diplomas.


If you need a seller, don’t hypnotize the monitor, go shopping and give out your business cards (flyers).


Since the candidate has not answered the phone twice, does not mean “ignore” or the optionalness of the candidate. Use all available communication channels: skype; Email sms messages; social networks; telegrams and letters!

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