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The Question of Salary During the Interview

At the interview, ask a lot of questions: about the applicant’s work experience, his talents, upcoming professional duties and working conditions. The employer wants to hire a decent specialist, candidate seeks to find a stable good job. But there are questions in the interview are equally interesting the two sides – the salary.

Let’s be honest – the motivation of the material for any job seeker valuable naked enthusiasm can not eat. However, free talk with a potential employer on cash threads capable unit. Why, let’s deal together!

Why ask questions about salary during the interview applicants embarrassing?

The first – a candidate who is interested in obtaining a certain position, eager to show his best side, to make a pleasant impression. On interview He tells all his virtues, merits, qualities, and mercantile mention of wages in such an idyllic backdrop is not entirely appropriate. As the applicant argues? “First, let me take a job, and then we’ll see.”

The employer, in turn, understands that such a humble worker – deal, it will be possible to exploit to the full, while not particularly bothered about his material reward.

The second – to talk about money is not very convenient, even somewhere humiliating. It is a myth that is debunked simple logical argument. You’ve come to the store, do you pick the item for free, without looking at him? Of course not! You check the quality of the goods, be sure to look, how much it costs. Your services on the labor market – is also a product that has a quality and, consequently, price.

And if you have not voiced “their price”, you simply will not purchase or assign you your own, but smaller. Remember it is not only getting a job, but when you feel that well deserved wage increases.

10 rules, how to talk about salary during the interview

Rule №1

Start talking about wages and salaries need to discuss. Take it as an integral part of the interview.

Rule №2

Even if the information about the vacancy for which you are applying, Set salary, be sure to specify this information in a personal meeting with the employer, so that no misunderstanding in the future.

Rule №3

Tell the employer about their priorities in the work. The desire to achieve results, the development – a good reason to discuss a decent salary.

Rule №4

Raise the topic of money better by the end of the interview, when the employer has already received all the information about you as an expert, and you – about working conditions and their potential professional duties.

Rule №5

Better, of course, wait for the moment when the employer himself will talk about salary. You must be prepared for this, so prepare in advance the answer to the question about the desired salary. Determining the level of wages, based on their qualifications and fair market value.

Rule №6

Wages can be discussed. If the employer’s offer does not suit you – do not settle immediately. Give convincing arguments in its favor, but in any case do not mention personal problems: elderly parents, for whom it is necessary to take care, mortgage payments, three children, who need to be fed and nurtured. This is your personal problems, they do not need an employer, provide the arguments which you have a great professional.

Rule №7

Do not be modest, calling salary. Remember, the employer does not pay you more than you ask for.

Rule №8

Be aware, not all employers are looking for employees only cheap: the company’s success depends on the professional and a strong team, and professionals are paid adequately.

Rule №9

If the employer does not ask about your financial wishes, independently inform him about it. The most opportune moment, when the employer asks if you have questions for him (as a rule, the successful candidates are asking about it). But the question of salary should not be the first.

Rule №10

After discussing the salary question, be sure to ask what will be the size of the salary on probation. In most cases the salary of a probationary period is 20% less than the agreed salary amount.

Reminder: how much the call to the employer?

To discuss freely with a potential employer wage, determined in advance of the desired “size”.

Where to find the real figure? Naturally, not from the ceiling! Remember, too inflated salary expectations or, conversely, too low can easily put an end to a successful job interview.

Consider yourself ready to talk about salary, if:

  • We examined the proposals on wages in the segment;
  • adequately assess their professional skills;
  • learned or know about about the financial capacity of the employer’s company;
  • keep in mind the number you wish to voice during the interview;
  • We set ourselves acceptable minimum salary.

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